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Generally the courses start at 14:00 on the first day (Saturday). We generally finish around 16:00 on the last day (Thursday). Weekend/mid week courses may vary.

There is a list within the joining instructions of what you will need to bring with you.


Ideally sailing footwear or deck shoes. Soft shoes with non marking soles are ideal. Flip flops or open toed sandals are not suitable.


Yes you should carry your passport with you, should we have to check in to another country.


Although all training activity is insured by the centre we strongly recommend that you have your own travel insurance as well.


Accommodation onboard, instruction, bedding, towels, RYA logbook, certification, and use of safety equipment.


Dependent on the weather, you will either go east or west along the coast. But you are guaranteed, beautiful bays, and anchorages, quiet coves, small harbours and restaurant pontoons. There will also be other marinas.


There will always be a minimum of two students and a maximum of four to one instructor.

You will experience cooking onboard, but we will also be eating at local restaurants.

Yes you can bring your mobile phone and in some cases there are certain apps that the instructor may suggest you use. Other than that we discourage the use of phones whilst we are learning.

Yes you sleep onboard the boat each night.

It may be necessary for you to share a cabin (unless booked on a 2:1 ratio course). Couples and friends will normally share. If you are coming on a course on your own there is a possibility you will have to share a cabin but this would only be with someone of the same sex.

Yes there is parking available at the marina.

The students are responsible for stocking the boat with food under the guidance of the instructor. The students are also responsible for buying the food for the instructor throughout the trip.

RYA Dayskipper is the ideal course for you and it is also the qualification that is required to hire charter yachts.

As we shop together prior to leaving you will be able to choose what food you require.


No you will be somewhere different every night, but the venue usually depends on the needs of the particular course.

Battery power is limited but mobile phone charging is possible on the 12 volt system. Where shore power is available which is not every night, you will be able to use electrical appliances.

Yes we do providing they are supervised by an adult and the relevant consent form completed by a parent or guardian.

Our boats are inspected annually by the RYA as well as the Turkish authorities to ensure that the boats are in a seaworthy condition and that they meet the stringent safety requirements laid down for training boats, and that they carry the correct safety equipment.

There are washing and showering facilities on the boat, but where possible we encourage students to use shoreside facilities.

As our training boats are so busy the best way to experience sailing with us for the first time is to come on a start yachting weekend.

We operate a strict no smoking policy on our boats.

Even Lord Nelson suffered from seasickness. Most people are absolutely fine but we suggest you bring some sea sickness pills should you be worried.